Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

Hemp is rich in dietary fiber, and it contains 35 percent fiber, which of 90 percent is insoluble fiber and 10 percent soluble fiber. Collectively, both fibers offer numerous benefits to the health.

Fiber regulates your blood cholesterol. Excessive intake of unhealthy foods increases your saturated and trans fats levels. Both these fats spike up LDL or bad cholesterol. Fiber is a component that blocks harmful fats and ensures the proper supply of healthy fats in the bloodstream that in turn, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Fiber is a lifesaver for diabetics. Soluble fiber is considered quite effective against this disease. It helps control blood glucose levels and helps not only diabetes, but also multiple complications caused by high sugar level.

Hemp fiber plays a vital role in improving digestive tract. It keeps the stomach clean and healthy and prevents constipation.

The large amount of fiber makes hemp a great appetite suppressant, after all, fiber rich foods do take longer to digest and you can say the same of different types of hemp foods. Fiber rich hemp foods also take many hours to digest and stop you from being hungry. That is why hemp is widely considered a far better choice than other snack foods.

Hemp fiber helps sustain energy for an extended period and prevents fatigue. But in reality, fiber does not truly have a direct effect on your energy levels but instead it removes all those wastes that lead to tiredness.

Eating a lot of high fiber food helps aid weight loss. The fiber contained in hemp also burns calories quickly and helps keeps weight under control.

Hemp oil is termed to be one of the most balanced and healthiest oils on the earth. It is cold pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains multiple vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. These are a few of the nutrients found in hemp oil with some of their benefits to your health.

Essential Fatty Acids
Cannabis oil carries all the essential fatty acids that are required to stay healthy, but the real kicker that makes this oil so unique is the high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Nearly 80% of this oil consists of essential amino acids, a quantity that is rare to find in any other oil seed.
Essential fatty acids keep the heart healthy and prevent a number of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Besides that, EFAs also improve the function of the brain.

Vitamin E
Also contains vitamin E, a nutrient that boosts the immune system and protects from eye disease. This vitamin is immensely beneficial for hair and skin. Due to the presence of vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids, hemp’s oil is often an ingredient found in cosmetic products such as soaps, shampoos and body creams.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a nutrient that is hard to get from food. Fortunately for us, hemp is a natural source of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for the growth, and the formation of bones and its deficiency may result in diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis.

Ways to use hemp oil
As with any other culinary oil, it is used in many ways, and it is easily digestible, packed with nutrients and low in saturated fats that make it a perfect choice for any diet. A lot of the time the oil is poured over salads, baked vegetables, with bread or even mixed into soups. It can be used for cooking purposes mainly baking, but it is not considered suitable for high-temperature cooking.